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What can you expect from Newtech Practical Workshops?

For the last 20-30 years’ manufacturers and their partners in the printing market have exhibited at national/international trade events at the major UK venues in London and Birmingham with all their competition and frankly as regards results, it is easy to find negatives regarding cost and return on investment.

As a specialist marketing consultant to the printing market, in previous years I found it harder and harder to justify the outlay in terms of time, resources and the large hole these events placed in the annual budget.

However, in sheer networking multiplier terms these events are still unsurpassed and as with other similar markets (such as Telecoms) it is clear to see the transition is well on the way from hall space to nearby hotels for those all-important one-to-one meetings away from the competition.

Similarly, Coactive Newtech ‘practical workshop’ events strategically placed around the UK in centres of the printing trade offer a complimentary option to both printing trade manufacturers and their channel partners with each partner exclusive in their product area.

The ‘savvy’ members of the Newtech group look at the series of 10-12 venues nationwide and see a radically different approach to traditional methods of both keeping their existing customers happy and developing new business.

Firstly, they understand that to make the most of a Coactive event, you should forget the almost ingrained ‘Turn up at the show and hope for passing traffic’ syndrome for printing shows and consider ‘Could there be a better way?’

The answer is most definitely yes and exclusivity is the key. The Newtech events, now in their 5th year, achieve this having developed both a reliable and professional framework and a marketing support offering by working in partnership with Coactive’s parent marketing consultancy, Marketing Alchemy Europe.

As they don’t have to worry about the competition, Newtech partners can safely invite their local customers and trust each other and the series to deliver consistent results in terms of visitor numbers and sales to the extent that even ‘young’ or non-marketing led companies can successfully take part and realise high return on investment.

So, let’s look at the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how this works:

  • Your customers and contacts pop out of the office for a couple of hours to see you locally at Newtech
  • You give them a personal demonstration complete with equipment
  • Working with Marketing Alchemy can add new contacts locally
  • With nationwide coverage over a year you are meeting face-to-face with all your customers
  • PLUS, you are expanding your turnover with a steady stream of new business enquiries from the other Newtech partners
  • Your sales team can spend 8-9 days more a month closing orders rather than being on the motorway
  • You may say: "How? My sales team doesn't have a spare 10 days!" That's thinking that Newtech is a traditional type of show. So, let's look at the figures:

Take an average example of a printing equipment manufacturer with:

  • A salesman on the road
  • With 20-30 customers to visit in one area away from his base.
  • Possibly as many as 15 meetings in a week
  • Means a minimum of 2 weeks of travel, petrol, accommodation, subsistence and of course wages.
  • Estimated cost: £3,000+
  • 10 areas in UK: £30,000
  • Cost per contact: £100 each

Now let's compare those costs with how the 'savvy' exhibitors work with the Newtech series:

  • Pre-show marketing to your existing contacts and customers plus a day at the show: 2 days’ wages
  • Cost of space, van, overnight at hotel, travel and subsistence
  • Estimated total £1,500
  • The sales person meets 20-30 existing customers and contacts
  • PLUS 30-40 new buyers personally invited by the other non-competing but complimentary exhibitors in his market
  • With 10 shows in a year you have a saving of a cool £20,000 p.a.
  • Cost per contact: £30 each

Having experienced the ‘Newtech effect’, Tsol Keoshgerian MD at Unibind had this to say: ‘When Newtech Coactive Events first approached me and discussed the idea, I thought it was a total ‘no brainer’ as we get to share the space with companies that complement our products. We all invite a number of customers and contacts so throughout the day there is a steady number of visitors who get to enjoy a fulfilling day. We have a range of innovative and patented personalisation products in the print/graphic industry and the Newtech practical workshops are the perfect platform for us to showcase these to our existing and prospective customers.’



Keith Browning, Sales Director at Regatta Professional:

'Here at Regatta Professional we have found the 2017 Newtech events to be a fantastic way of interacting with companies, customers and sellers alike within our market place.

Effective and productive time spent with the distributors and sellers of our garments is vital in ensuring the growth and continued success of the Regatta Professional brand.

The relaxed, professional and structured surroundings that the shows provide are the perfect setting to showcase and introduce all the new lines we are bringing to the market, as well as giving sellers the chance to see some of our more established core lines in person.'

'Overall as an exhibitor Newtech events provide us with a cost effective and productive way of meeting new and existing customers that would quite simply take a lot more time, effort and investment to achieve if attempting the same results in the field.

With 10 events a year, across all of the UK, the events provide us with an excellent opportunity to engage with our market place in a more localised and customer convenient way.

We are certain that the ongoing growth we will experience from the shows will be clear to see in both turnover and higher levels of brand awareness.'

As regards visitors, the most obvious difference between the traditional shows and Newtech is that we see lots of smiling faces:

Simon Wilcox of Esprio said ‘I loved it!

Glad I came’ Dermot Boylan of Beef Art Graphic

A really useful event, small and friendly and a good representation of suppliers’ John Dunwell, Community Communications

A good opportunity to see the latest ideas and technology’ Mark Snee, JJM Designs

Makes our dreams come true’ Brodie Gray of Wolf Leotards

Newtech 2017: Norwich June 20, Edinburgh July 11, Durham September 26, London North October 17, Leicester November 16.

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