Newtech Norwich 2017


No Longer Just a Binding Company…

For over 30 years Unibind has been global market leader in the Document Binding and Presentation sector. With over 200 distributors worldwide in 132 countries and 1 million customers, its patented SteelBinding machines have dominated the b2b market and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Today, that same innovation and engineering is being put into good use in the print and graphic sector with unique patented Casemaking and Digital Foiling machines for short run customisation.


The UniFoilPrinter is a digital printer that prints foil directly from a digital file onto any flat surface. Just connect the UniFoilPrinter to your computer, download the software and start printing.

Whether you are creating one-off notebooks, theses, diaries or short run invites or simply looking to personalise a multitude of substrates such as paper, leather, PVC or fabric the UniFoilPrinter is the perfect affordable solution for instant customisation without the need to create expensive dies.

CaseMaker 650 and 350

With its unique and patented CasePlano, Unibind has revolutionised the process of case making by removing the use of messy glue. A dry glue on a skeletal board is brought to life by heat from the CaseMaker in under 5 minutes.

Perfect for landscape, portrait and square book cases, trophy boards and ring binders the Unibind CaseMaker 650 and 350 are the instant and affordable solution for printers, copy shops and retailers who wish to offer instant and short-run personalisation.

For further information on these and other patented products visit or contact our offices on 01403 321901