Marketing support

Marketing Alchemy Europe not only organises Coactive Events but also offers experienced print industry marketing advice and production on:

  • Creating the best messaging and marketing
  • Identifying and compiling databases for your target markets
  • GDPR compliance
  • Creating package/special offers for your product or service
  • Mailing campaigns both online and postal
  • Social media
  • Trade PR and Advertising
  • Pre show invitation calls
  • After show follow-up calls

Tel: 0800 141 2227

2 examples of how we can help
Firstly, if you run your own business and realise you need outsourced marketing and sales help, we can provide a ‘Virtual Marketing Department’ service. Everything from researching new markets and customers to compiling databases, creating communication campaigns and following up to create leads.

Secondly, if you handle your own marketing but your ‘day job’ is holding up expansion with new markets or products, or those hard to reach potential customers are not responding, we can seamlessly synchronise with you and provide the additional experienced help to meet those targets and capitalise on opportunities.


What Marketing Alchemy can do for you
We promise nothing more, nothing less, than great strategic thinking, inspired and innovative creative messaging and dynamic design. We then build effective sales campaigns in whatever media our research shows is appropriate, from paper to electronic (print and ecommerce web sites are all the same to us). 

But we don't stop there . . . once a lead has been created, continuity is important and we work with you to 'open the doors' and ensure you get the highest ROI.

Our expertise is professional, proven and available to you – a skill base that many similar organisations are already familiar with and have used to excellent effect.

'The best marketing and creative team I have ever worked with'.
 Jerry Davies, MD Roland Digital Group

Production diagram

 “At first I was sceptical about Martin’s insistence on performing thorough research before jumping into the creative stage. But, the information we received back was invaluable to us in helping apply our resources for maximum return on investment.”

Will Mansfield
Marketing Director, Digital Printing Solutions
Europe, Africa, Middle East Region
Kodak Graphic Solutions & Services