First of all, narrowcasting networks can be used as automobiles to supply marketing and advertising for products and services cost a particular location. As an example, in a dental practitioner’s waiting room brief sectors touting new advancements in aesthetic dental care can highlight new revenue-generating services and products used by the dental professional. Advertisers are significantly buying advertising and marketing spots on such specialized narrowcast networks to promote their clients differed product or services. Such networks can give substantial additional income streams for the building or place proprietor who operates an industrial narrowcast network. The flexibility of narrowcasting in the oil market not just allows a specific audience (i, e,, vehicle drivers) to be targeted, yet it enables the owner-operators to hand tailor their advertising and marketing message for the time of day, period, weather as well as a host of various other variables. As developments in digital marketing software application technology and also improved target market statistics strategies allow marketers to concentrate their messages on target audiences, narrowcast advertising will only increase. Companies as well as company of all stripes have the possibility for including in their business’s income stream, or including additional income streams by advertising for third party advertisers, by establishing narrowcasting networks anywhere a “slave” target market is discovered – whether that remains in a flight terminal lounge, at the gas pump, or in a physician’s office.